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How to delete Watsapp message sent to WRONG person

How to delete Whatsapp message sent to WRONG person

How to delete Whatsapp message sent to WRONG person

WhatsApp messages sent to wrong person? Here’s how you can delete it in most of the cases.


Instant messaging service WhatsApp has become the part and parcel of our lives. But sometimes the same thing might land us in a great embarrassment.

It must have happened to all of us at some point of time that we misfired the wrong photo, forwarded messages, self-written messages.

Sometimes we have no idea how to reverse the action we have done. But next time if you send message to the wrong person on WhatsApp and you are a little prompt, you can still save yourself from the embarrassment.
If you’ve pressed the sent button but don’t have an active internet connection or if your internet connection is too slow. You get a small window to delete the message, how to identify if you can delete it – a clock sign will appear instead of a tick next to your message. If you can delete the message while the clock sign is there, the message won’t go.

The Clock icon means that you haven’t sent the message yet. If you see a single tick mark it means that you have sent the message and it has been received by the WhatsApp server(but not the destined user) If you see a double tick mark, that means the message has been received by the recipient too


Just make sure that you jump into action before the message is delivered.

Follow these easy steps

A. Keep pressing on the message you have mistakenly sent.

B.Tap on “Delete” in the window that will pop up.

C.Immediately opt for the delete option. Your message will be delivered.

But if you cant follow these steps, you can do the following

A.You can either immediately turn off the mobile data or Wi-Fi.

B. Or you can soon opt for airplane mode.

C. Remember, the action can be reversed only if there is no double grey tick. Happy deleting!

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  1. it’s wrong! you can’t delete once sent to wrong contact irrespective of any tick indication. it will be in server once even if you delete it with single tick from ur mobile. it will be delivered to recipient once they come to online.!

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